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Church Caster, by Fiat Media, gets your parish and your message directly to God’s people through podcasting. No longer just a fad, podcasting is one of the most popular digital media platforms, reaching audiences online, and on mobile devices. ChurchCaster provides expert solutions to help you develop, launch and grow a successful podcast.

Expertise in Media

Expertise spanning 20+ years throughout media, evangelization, broadcast and podcasting. I have the experience to help your parish succeed in podcasting.

Pro Production

If “content is king”, then quality is queen. It takes more than a mic or a webcam to launch a good podcast. Podcasts that don’t look or sound warm, rich, possessing don’t retain audiences—no matter how much the like you. With an understand of the nuances of audio and video podcasting, you’ll look and sound radio-ready.

Training & Coaching

One-on-one training to get you up and running, and coaching to guide you along the way. From mic and camera techniques to hosting skills, you’ll be church-casting like a pro

Why ChurchCaster.fm?

With more than 20 years of experience across media, (Print, broadcast, web, audio/video), evangelization, Catholic communications, youth and adult ministry, and parish ministry, at Church Caster we have the experience necessary not only for launching an amazing podcast, but one with pastoral strategy in mind. I know the faith. I know the Church. I know the culture. What’s more, I know the technology, with 20 years of media experience informing my approach to effective, engaging evangelization through media.

“The Church needs a bold pastoral strategy to communicate the Gospel, to use every media platform to turn hearts and minds toward Christ, to call our people to be great saints.”

-Archbishop Gomez
Former President of the USCCB


Why Should Your Parish be Podcasting?

50% of all US Homes are podcast fans, according to a 2017 Nielsen study.

27% listen to podcasts at least every month

17% listen weekly!

Podcasting extends your voice beyond the time and space constraints of the church pulpit

Podcasting enables interaction and enhances engagement through comment, live chat interaction (if live broadcasting)

It’s cheaper, easier and faster than what St. Paul was doing

You have a message. Your parish has goals. You have a voice. Church Caster provides the expert solution to help you to develop, launch, and grow a successful podcast aimed at keeping your parishioners engaged, and keeping you close to them, long after the Sunday homily has ended.

Now is the time for you to start your parish podcast!